Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Happy Planner Line-Up July - December 2019

My mini Squad Goals Happy Planner ends at the end of this month, so I wanted to share my planner Line-Up starting next month. My Farmhouse Classic ends at the end of December. I hope they come out with a similar planner that starts in January. I absolutely love this planner. You can see all of my spreads in that planner in this board on Pinterest.  I did a video on my line-up as well.  What planners are you using starting in July?

This is the mini that I'm using as my On The Go.  I put appointments and reminders in it.  I take it to work with me every day.  

This is the same planner as above, I just turned the covers around.  I also changed the gold mini discs to black classic discs.  I think it may be too much black, so I may change them to pink or red.  

This is my Farmhouse Classic that started in July 2018 and ends in December of this year.  I love this planner.  I use this to plan what actually happened throughout the week. It's like a memory planner, but without the pictures. 

I purchased this planner to use for work.  I will probably put my black quilted hard cover on it since it's for work and may change out the discs as well, but since it will stay in my office, I may not change it at all.  It is a lined vertical layout.  I've not used that layout before, so we'll see how I end up liking it.  

I don't remember the name of this planner.  It came out last year and I switched the covers on it.  This has been a lot of fun to do.  You can watch my video on this planner or check out my blog post.  

I forgot to include my Recipe Planner in the picture at the top. I have a few recipes blog posts.

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