Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Floral Classic Planner Spread

This week in my Classic Happy Planner, I decided to do a floral theme.  It's been sunny here a lot in Indiana, but unseasonably cold.  Hoping to send some positive energy to Mother Nature to remind her that it is supposed to be warmer.  

These florals are not from a Happy Planner sticker book. I had taken several of my sticker books apart and I don't remember which one these are from. The butterflies are from Cheerful Planner Girl and the bumblebees are from Craft Penguin Planner. 

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Classic Planner Spread - Winter

A few weeks ago in my Define Your Purpose Classic Happy Planner spread I used the Winter and Free Spirit sticker books. Yes, according to the calendar, it is supposed to be Spring, but this is Indiana. We had 4-5” of snow fall in our area from Tuesday evening through early Wednesday morning. Roads weren’t horrible by time I went to work as it really didn’t stick to the heavier traveled roads. It was all melted by mid to late afternoon on Wednesday. Early that evening we literally had all 4 seasons in the matter of an hour or so!! We had sun, clouds, wind, rain, hail, lightening, thunder and snow!! ☀️🌬⛈❄️ ☁️ It was wild!  There were also possible straight line winds not too far from us. Good ole Indiana. 😊

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Mini Planner Spread - Pressed Florals

This week in my Pink is the New Black mini Happy Planner I used the Pressed Floral sticker books. I love these sticker books. They have such a pretty color palette. I loved all of the floral sticker books in the Happy Planner spring release this year.  I'm starting to do better with the dashboard layout.  That figures now that I'm thinking about changing to a Teacher layout.  I'm not a teacher, but I think that layout will work well for me.  I'm at least going to give it a try.  I'm going to purchase some printables from Etsy first to make sure I like it before I buy an actual planner.  What is your favorite layout?

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Classic Planner Spread - Pastels

This week in my Define Your Purpose Classic Happy Planner, I used the Pastel Dreams and Pastel Mega Sticker books. I've not used either one for quite a while. I love the color combo in this spread. I only used 1 of my journaling cards this week.  I love using them to hide my functional sticker clutter and my handwriting.  I love using the bigger stickers in the side bar as well.  I always struggle knowing what to put there.  

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Sunday, April 25, 2021

DIY Color Street Nail Strips Remover Jar

Here is a quick and easy way to make a nail polish remover jar for removing your Color Street nail strips. I bought the jar at Hobby Lobby on sale, sponge at Dollar Tree (pack of 2) and Mineral Fusion on Amazon.  Once you've completed the steps, let it sit for a few minutes before using to let the sponges soak up the remover. Mineral Fusion is quite pricey, but it is much better for your nails than the lesser expensive ones. 

Insert one or two fingers, let sit for a few seconds then swirl around until your strips are removed. Glitters and if you have more than one layer will take a little longer. 

After using the jar a couple of times I ended up adding the 4th strip as well. 

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Classic Weekly Planner Spread - Modern Farmhouse

This week in my classic Define Your Purpose Happy Planner I used the Modern Farmhouse sticker book. This is an older sticker book with a softer color palette. I used my journaling cards again in this spread to hide my functional stickers and my handwriting. I also used Crayola colored pencils to color in the flowers on a couple of the stickers.  Zoom in and you can see the details.    

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Mini Weekly Planner Spread - Happy Life

This week I chose to use the Happy Life sticker book from MAMBI in my mini Happy Planner.  I really like the color palette in this sticker book. I chose to use the blues and oranges.  I'm getting better at planning with the dashboard layout.  What is your favorite layout to use?

Pay Day and Hello Weekend stickers are from Gold Paper Prints
(this is not an affiliate link)

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Color Street Mixed Mani - Mystic Marble

I will admit that the design sets are not my favorites, but I really like Mystic Marble. It was part of a small limited edition. Of course I only ordered one and by the time I tried it, it was sold out. I tend to wear the darker colors as they match most things I would wear. I used Only in Vegas as an accent set (now retired) with Glittersweet over all of the Mystic Marble. Glittersweet is my current favorite set. 

What are your favorite Color Street sets?

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