Saturday, March 19, 2016

40th Birthday Card

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I made this card last year for a friend that turned 40 last year.  It was a fun one to make.

Thinking of You Card

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I made this card for a friend that was going through a hard time.

Granddaughter's Afghan

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I made afghan's for my granddaughters last year.  I didn't get a picture of the other one for some reason.  It's the same pattern, except for turquoise in place of the pink.  The girls picked out the yarn colors that they wanted. I love this pattern!!  I use it all of the time.  I've also used it to make scarves and baby doll blankets.

Wedding Cards

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These are a couple of wedding cards that I made last fall.  I rarely go to weddings and it just so happened that they were on the same day.  I went to the wedding of the first one and stayed for a little bit of the reception, then to the reception of the second one that was 45 min away.  I wish I could have attended both weddings and been able to stay a little longer at each one.  I love going to weddings.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sensory/Fidget Blanket

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My daughter asked me this week to make a Sensory or Fidget Blanket for one of her clients with Alzheimer's.  This is what I came up with.  I just use things I already had on hand.  I used this blog post I found on Pinterst for the basic idea.

It's 20" square.  The top is cotton and the back is corduroy.

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Little Wine

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One of my friends is a wine lover, so this is what I did for her birthday this year.  I gave her a mission last year to help me find one wine that I liked.  She was successful.  I'm not an alcohol fan, so it wasn't an easy task and it's still the only one I care for.  I don't have the link where I got the pattern for the wine bag.  Pinterst wasn't working, so I had to search for a pattern and wasn't able to pin it.

Rag-Style Baby Blankets

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I love making these baby blankets.  They are SO easy!  Takes about 2 hours to make one.  I use 1 1/4 yards of flannel for each side.  With wrong sides together, I pin all the way around and then trace around a 9" paper plate to round the corners.  I then sew a 1 1/2" seam all the way around.  Then I fringe all the way around by cutting almost to the seam.  I then take floss and "tie" it like you would a quilt.

I've obviously not washed these yet, but the more you wash them the more "raggy" the edges will look.

You could make a couple of burp cloths to match and it would make a great baby gift.

Softball Hair Bows

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I helped my daughter make hair bows for my youngest granddaughter's All Star Softball Team.  We took ideas from a few different pins on Pinterest and added a few touches of our own.  They were really simple to make.

Each ribbon is 12" long.  The ribbon around the center is 6" and tied in a knot in the back.  The hair clip is slid underneath the knot.  I used pinking shears on the ends of the ribbons.

We didn't get a picture, but we also punched their numbers out of card stock and she put them on the white ribbon on each end with Modge Podge.