Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Happy Planning Layouts - Classic and Mini

It's been a while since I posted. Most of my crafting has been sewing projects that I've donated and I rarely post those. However, my youngest daughter, Brittany started Planning a few months ago. I said I wasn't interested in doing it, but as always, would support her and look for things on clearance. Well, it wasn't long and she got her sister hooked. Brittany and I went shopping at Hobby Lobby one evening and I caved and bought a mini planner and some stickers.  Since then, I've bought several sticker books, washi tapes and a classic planner. I'm really enjoying them. This past weekend, I purchased my mini and classic planners that will start in July. My current classic planner is horizontal and since most of the stickers are made for the vertical layout, it wasn't very easy to decorate. Brittany had some extra vertical pages for April-June, so I switched to those starting this week. Hopefully by the time July gets here I'll be much better at decorating.  Here are a few pictures from my mini and classic planners. I don't remember what sticker books I got the stickers from. I have since torn most of my sticker books apart and have a filing storage system for them. I'll picture that in a separate post.



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