Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Happy Planning - Classic - September 24-30, 2018

I decided to do a pumpkin spread this week. I'm not sure what MAMBI sticker book the pumpkins are from. As you can tell, I use a lot of functional stickers. I'll have a list below of what Etsy shops they came from.

After the Pen

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Etsy Sticker Shops

The links to these shops are in the above link to my Favorite Sticker Shops

Plan to Plan

Hello Monday
Pay Day
Fast Food (Saturday)
Hair Appointment
Gas Pump
Clean Bathroom
Work Schedule
Weekend Banner

Brianna Nicole Designz

Hobby Lobby Run
Donate Box
Happy Mailbox
Pay Bills
Weather icons
Heart Banners

Cheerful Planner Girl

Hump Day
Grocery Cart (large and small)
Birthday Candles
Heart Checklist (Sunday)

Planning with Ms Daisy

Sheets of stickers
Happy Mail (Wednesday)
Tea Cup
Laundry Basket

Nicole Plans

Trash Day

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