Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Happy Planning - Classic - October 29 - November 4, 2018

This was a busy week, at least the 2nd half. Three of my 5 grandbabies have birthdays in November, along with my daughter-in-law. So, with Halloween during the first half of the week and 3 birthdays and 2 parties the 2nd half, I decided to do a 1/2 and 1/2 spread this week.

The Etsy stickers I used are listed below. 

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Etsy Shop Stickers
(links to shop are in my blog post "My Favorite Etsy Sticker Shops" above)

Weather Icons - Brianna Nicole Designz
Mini Birthday Cakes - Cheerful Planner Girl


Banner - Brianna Nicole Designz
Shopping Cart - Brianna Nicole Designz
Fast Food - Plan to Plan
Hello Monday - Plan to Plan


Laptop - Brianna Nicole Designz
Banner - Brianna Nicole Designz
Mail Box - Brianna Nicole Designz
Hobby Lobby Run - Brianna Nicole Designz
Shopping Cart - Cheerful Planner Girl
Sandwich - Planning with Ms Daisy


Hump Day - Planning with Ms Daisy


Order Groceries - Plan to Plan
Banner - Brianna Nicole Designz
House - Lexington Flair
Day Off - Brianna Nicole Designz


Candle - Cheerful Planner Girl
Balloons - Plan to Plan
Scalloped label - Plan to Plan
Buy Stickers - Brianna Nicole Designz
Pizza - Cheerful Planner Girl


Candles - Cheerful Planner Girl
Party Hat - Plan to Plan
Hobby Lobby Run - Brianna Nicole Designz
Sandwich - Planning with Ms Daisy


Party Hat - Plan to Plan
Laundry Basket - Planning with Ms Daisy
Planner - Lexington Flair
Banner - Brianna Nicole Designz

All other stickers are from MAMBI sticker books.  Since I take most of them apart, I'm not sure which ones they are from.  

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