Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Weekly Spread - Classic - December 10-16, 2018

I was anxious to use this Christmas kit from BriannaNicoleDesignz that I ordered a few weeks ago. I have enough left for next week as well. I also used MAMBI stickers from various books. As always, I'll have a list of the Etsy stickers and the shops I ordered them from at the bottom of this post. 

Farmhouse Classic Happy Planner 

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Etsy Stickers
(links to most of the shops are in "My Favorte Etsy Sticker Shops" link above)

Side Bar

Warm Winter Wishes - Sara Elizabeth Prints
Winter Fun - Sara Elizabeth Prints


Tooth Icon - Cheerful Planner Girl
Build a Snowman - Sara Elizabeth Prints
Pizza - Cheerful Planner Girl


Winter Wishes - Sara Elizabeth Prints


Trash Day - Kit
Be Merry and Bright - Sara Elizabeth Prints
Laundry Basket - Kit
Let it Snow - Sara Elizabeth Prints


Day Off - Kit
Shopping Bag - Cheerful Planner Girl
Gas Pump - Kit
Laundry Basket - Kit
Date Night - Kit
JoAnn run - Brianna Nicole Designz
Michaels Run - Brianna Nicole Designz
Pizza Slice - Plan to Plan


Hair Cut - Plan to Plan
Weekend - Kit
Hobby Lobby Run - Brianna Nicole Designz


Meijer Run - Brianna Nicole Designz
Shopping Cart - Brianna Nicole Designz
Shopping Bag - Cheerful Planner Girl

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