Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Weekly Spread - Classic - December 17-23, 2018

This week in my Farmhouse Classic Happy Planner I decided to do a penguin theme. My youngest daughter has always loved penguins. I found these stickers at Meijer. I'll list the Etsy shop stickers below.

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Etsy Shops
(links to shops in above link "My Favorite Etsy Sticker Shops")


Airplane - Planning with Ms Daisy
Go Ice Skating - Sara Elizabeth Prints


Red Box - Brianna Nicole Designz


Laptop - Brianna Nicole Designz
Green Box - Brianna Nicole Designz


Happy Mail - Planning with Ms Daisy
Sticker Sheets - Planning with Ms Daisy


Pay Day - Plan to Plan
Mailbox - Brianna Nicole Designz


Airplane - Planning with Ms Daisy
Plan Mug - Lexington Flair
Withdrawal - Lexington Flair
7 candle - Cheerful Planner Girl
Balloon - Plan to Plan
Party Hat - Plan to Plan
Green Box - Brianna Nicole Designz
Pizza Slice - Plan to Plan


Shopping Carts - Cheerful Planner Girl
Meal Icon - Cheerful Planner Girl
Sewing Machine - Plan to Plan
Bake Cookies - Plan to Plan
Pay Bills - Brianna Nicole Designz
Gas Pump - Plan to Plan

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