Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Happy Planning - Classic - November 25 - December 2, 2018

This week I chose to do a black and gold theme. It wasn't a super busy week other than the weekend. I used mostly one MAMBI sticker book for this spread (pictured below). I enjoy doing the "theme" spreads whether is a color scheme or an item (lady bugs, watermelon, etc).  As always, I'll list below the Etsy shop stickers.

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Etsy Stickers
(links to most of the shops can be found in the above blog post "My Favorite Etsy Sticker Shops")

Weather Icons - BriannaNicoleDesignz


Laptop - BrianaNicoleDesignz
Laundry Basket - Planning with Ms Daisy


Hobby Lobby Run - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Trash Night - Sara Elizabeth Prints


Order Groceries - Plan to Plan
Sack of groceries - Plan to Plan
Pizza - Cheerful Planner Girl


Christmas Shopping - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Meijer Run - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Happy Mail - Planning with Ms Daisy
Dollar Tree Run - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Wrap Presents - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Laundry Basket - Planning with Ms Daisy
Grocery cart - BriannaNicoleDesignz


Plan Mug - Lexington Flair
Shopping bag - Cheerful Planner Girl
Dollar Tree Run - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Walmart Run - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Meijer Run - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Wrap Presents - BriannaNicoleDesignz
Gas Pump - Plan to Plan

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