Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Weekly Spread - Classic - January 7-13, 2019

This week is my guy’s birthday.  He’s into baseball, but with baseball season not too far away, I didn’t want to do a baseball theme, so I decided on red, white and black in my Farmhouse Classic Happy Planner. As always, it looks much better “Before the Pen”.

I used a variety of MAMBI and Etsy shop stickers. As always, I’ll list the Etsy stickers below.

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Etsy Stickers
(link to shops can be found above in My Favorite Etsy Sticker Shops link)


Balloons - Planning with Ms Daisy
Candles - Cheerful Planner Girl


Hump Day - Cheerful Planner Girl
Laptop - Brianna Nicole Designz
Pizza - Cheerful Planner Girl


Trash Day - Plan to Plan


Fri-yay - Lexington Flair
Envelope of stickers - Plan to Plan
Pizza Night - Imagine that with Lori


Snowflake - Brianna Nicole Designz
Weekend Banner - Plan to Plan
Shovel the Snow - Brianna Nicole Designz
Plan Mug - Lexington Flair
Mini Laundry Basket - Cheerful Planner Girl


Mini Coffee Mug - Cheerful Planner Girl
Clean the House - Plan to Plan
Duster - Brianna Nicole Designz
Mini Laundry Basket - Cheerful Planner Girl
Vacuum - Planning with Ms Daisy
Shovel the Snow - Brianna Nicole Designz
Crock Pot - Brianna Nicole Designz
Craft Time - Plan to Plan

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