Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Weekly Spread - Classic - January 28-February 3, 2019

This week in Induana the weather was all over the place!! We had rain, ice, snow, sleet, sun and wind!!  We had a low temperature of -13 and a high temperature of 61. Wednesday our wind chill was -45!!!  I had planned on doing heart themed spreads this month, but couldn't pass up using the "Baby it's Cold Outside" sticker in my Farmhouse Happy Planner this week.

I'm not sure what sticker book the silver snowflakes came from since I've torn most of my MAMBI sticker books apart. As always, I'll list the Etsy shop stickers I used below.

As I usually do, I ended up adding a few more stickers after the pen. 

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(links can be found above in "My Favorite Etsy Sticker Shops")

Weather Icons - Brianna Nicole Designz


ATM Withdrawal - Lexington Flair


Mailbox -  Brianna Nicole Designz


Laptop - Plan to Plan
Pizza Night - Imagine That By Lori


Order Groceries - Plan to Plan
Planner - Sara Elizabeth Prints
Donate -  Brianna Nicole Designz


Payday - Lexington Flair
Mailbox -  Brianna Nicole Designz
Grocery Bag - Planning with Ms Daisy
Pizza Night - Imagine that By Lori


Groundhog Day - Imagine That By Lori
Plan Mug - Lexington Flair
Laundry Basket - Planning with Ms Daisy
Trash Can - Planning with Ms Daisy
Weekend Banner -  Brianna Nicole Designz
Hobby Lobby Run -  Brianna Nicole Designz
Shovel the Snow -  Brianna Nicole Designz
Pay Bills -  Brianna Nicole Designz


Tea Mug - Sara Elizabeth Prints
Mini Laundry Basket - Cheerful Planner Girl
Sewing Machine - Plan to Plan
Salad - Plan to Plan
Crockpot -  Brianna Nicole Designz
Footballs - Cheerful Planner Girl

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