Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy Planner - Haul - February 23, 2019

My guy and I went out on Saturday for our usual shopping and errands day. Usually, we're craft supply shopping. 😊 Now if only I could retire so I'd have more time to do my crafting. 😊  I'd gone to Hobby Lobby a couple of times during the week to see if they'd put the new products out yet, but they hadn't. My daughter text me Friday evening and told me the planner isle was stocked and sent me a picture of products from last year's girl line that I didn't even know they had. It was still regular price. Other stores had clearanced those out a few weeks ago. We stopped by Saturday morning and I got a few of the new release products. We went a nearby town to their Hobby Lobby and JoAnn as well.  I have a Facebook group for Indiana Planners and one of the members posted that the previous girl line was now 75% in my local store. Later in the evening, I met my oldest daughter there and picked up a few more things.

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