Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Handmade Baby Gift

I made these as a baby gift for my grandson's teacher. She is also my middle granddaughter's favorite teacher. Her husband was both of my girls favorite teacher. With all of that, I definitely wanted to do something for their upcoming new arrival.

2 Lovey Blankets, burp cloth, 2 rice bags and mittens. Lovey Blankets are 12"x 12" flannel on both sides.  They are intended for them to carry around in place of a regular blanket so they don't trip over them. 

Door latch cover, tissue cover, pacifier holder and hat. 

2 bibs and an On the Go blanket. The On the Go blankets are for using in the car so they aren't so bulky when covering them up.  They are 20"x20"

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