Saturday, May 18, 2019

Weekly Spread - Classic - May 6 - 12, 2019

I was so ready to do a spring spread this week. The weather here has been cold and rainy. I thought a ladybug theme would be a good theme for this week.  🐞

I love the look of the journaling stickers and decided to make my own. I had done it one time last year and not sure why I didn't do it more. I love using functional stickers and this is a nice way to reduce the "clutter".  Watch my video for details on the spread and how I made the journaling stickers.  

A partial "before the pen" 


Mini and Medium lady bugs - Cheerful Planner Girl
Lady Bug boxes and flags - Lexington Flair
Weekend Banner - Lexington Flair


Hello Monday - Plan to Plan
Gas Pump - Plan to Plan
Laptop - Brianna Nicole Designz
Stickers - Brianna Nicole Designz
Sandwich - Planning with Ms Daisy
Walk - Plan to Plan


Missing You Today - The Crafty Student (website)
Balloons - Planning with Ms Daisy
Duster - Brianna Nicole Designz
Broom and Dustpan - Lexington Flair


Trash Day - Plan to Plan


Plan Mug - Lexington Flair
Stickers - Brianna Nicole Designz
Pizza - Cheerful Planner Girl


Race - Imagine That By Lori
Baseball - Lexington Flair
Fast Food - Plan to Plan


Pay Bills - Lexington Flair
Planner - Planning with Ms Daisy
Gas Pump - Plan to Plan
Laundry Basket - Planning with Ms Daisy
Shopping Bag - Cheerful Planner Girl
Cutlery - Plan to Plan

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