Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Handmade Baby Boy Gifts

I have a new grandson due in June. As soon as I found out the gender in December, I started making things. My daughter’s baby shower was supposed to be April 25th, but that has been changed to an online party. I bought 2 plastic tubs, one for handmade items and one for purchased baby gifts. This week I have to purchase another tub for purchased gifts. 😊 With this virus, I do miss baby shopping. I have ordered several things through Kohl’s.

I'm looking forward to his arrival. I'm really hoping that this virus is under control by then so I can be at the hospital when he is born. πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

I love making baby things. I have a local organization that I make things and donate to throughout the year and have for a few years.  Check out my post Quick and Easy Baby Gifts.

I found this pattern on a skein of yarn several years ago. It's really easy. 
It's easy to put down and pick back up later.  The pattern is for single crochet. I did so I did double crochet on this one. 

Receiving blankets - double sided flannel, zigzagged them together. 

Fleece blankets - I rounded the corners, stitched 1" in all the way around, then snipped the fringe all the way around. 



Lovely blankets - 12" square, double sided flannel, rounded corners , zig zagged together. 

Rice bags, door latch cover, pee pee teepee 

Washcloths - 7" square - flannel/ terry cloth, rounded corners, zig zagged together. 

Burp cloths

I love this bib pattern. I will be making him more. 

Smaller burp cloths. 

Taggies, pacifier clip and pacifier holder. 

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