Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Wild Styled Classic Happy Planner - Gardening

This week in my Wild Styled Classic Happy Planner, I used the Gardening sticker books.  I just received them this week and wanted to use them.  I couldn’t find them at any of the Walmart’s around us, so I was happy to get them from Zulily.  I’m not a gardener nor a big flower person, but I really liked these sticker books.  I used handmade journaling cards that I applied box stickers to the front of. I love using those to help hide the clutter of all of my functional stickers and my handwriting. 

I did a Plan with Me video for this spread as well.  I've had my YouTube channel for over a year, but don't post often. I plan to do more PWM videos and grow my channel.  

If you don’t follow this blog, I use this planner as a type of memory planner, but with just stickers, no pictures. I plan what actually happened the previous week. 

Do you have the gardening sticker books❓

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