Saturday, September 19, 2020

Classic Weekly Spread - Softball

This week in my Wild Styled Happy Planner I celebrated my granddaughter and her team winning the softball tournament they played in. I was so glad that we were able to be there. It was a 1 day tournament about an hour and a half from us. It started out cooler that morning, but got hot and humid in the afternoon. We had some errands to run in town first, so we missed the first game, but stayed the rest of the day. They ended up playing 5 games. They scored less than 10 runs the entire day! The teams were very evenly matched and each game came down to the wire. She was the catcher all except for a couple of innings. She ended up with 5 outs at home, had a hit at most of her at bats and scored 2 or 3 runs. She was on fire! I am SO proud of her. 

I used several of my journaling cards that I cut from lightweight card stock. If you follow me, you know I don’t like my handwriting and I love using sticker shop functional stickers. Using the journaling cards helps to hide my writing and the sticker clutter that takes away from my theme. I wish now I would have added the scrapbook paper to the double box on the weekend as well, or maybe added some washi to the top and bottom. 

Some of the stickers are from the Happy Planner Sports Sticker book, but most are from packages from Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby.  The stickers inside the journaling cards I either made myself or purchased from various sticker shops. 

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