Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Vision Board

I have started reading Plan A Happy Life by Stephanie Fleming. She is the co-creator of The Happy Planner and co-founder of Me And My BIG Ideas (MAMBI). This is more of a workbook with tools to help you decide what to do to live a happy or happier life. She also has a book club you can join on her website - www.stephaniefleming.com. It’s a 4 week book club, but you can do it anytime and at your pace. Whether you are living your happiest life or not, this is a great read or a book that would make a great gift along with a pretty notebook or Happy Planner Notes.  It's an easy, quick read as well, but will also make you stop and think.  It is available at Michael's, the Happy Planner website, and at most book stores.  I pre-ordered mine on Amazon as soon as I could and received it the day it released.  

Creating a vision board was this week’s creative project. My house won’t be this big, but I love the style. 

I created mine in Publisher. I have it hanging on my refrigerator and I also printed this one at 85%, trimmed it, then punched it to put in my planner. I printed them both on lightweight card stock. 

Are you reading this book as well and part of the book club? 

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