Sunday, October 4, 2020

Planner Sticker Haul - September TPC Sale

I hadn’t ordered from the TPC (The Planners Collaborative) sale for a while. I decided I wanted to order from the September sale. I ordered from 3 "new to me" shops . I was very pleased with all 3.........Mazie McCrazy, Craft Penguin Planner (CPP) and  The Sticker Okie. They all 3 have Etsy shops and CPP also has a website. If you like their shops, be sure to join their Facebook groups as well.  

If you aren't familiar with TPC, they have a sale each month with 30-35 planner sticker shops.  Some are in it every month, where others are new or only in a few times a year.  It runs from Thursday - Monday with lots of freebies from each shop.  Each month has a different theme.  The freebies are based around the theme and most shops will release special kits or stickers sheets to coordinate with the theme.  They also have give-a-ways in their Facebook group and on their Instagram page.  

If you love planner sticker shops, be sure to follow The Real TPC on Instagram and join their Facebook group.  


Craft Penguin Planner

Mazie McCrazy 

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