Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Happy Planner Classic Printables

I opened my Etsy shop, Indiana Inker Plans, last month with decorative planning related items. I currently have Happy Planner Classic sized Printables and planner charms. Sticker sheets are coming next week!! The planner charms are multi-use and most can be used on a variety of planners, purses, backpacks or a rear view mirror. 

In this post I’ll be sharing my current Happy Planner Classic sized printables. These are instant downloads. Once you purchase them, they will be available for download in Etsy and you’ll receive an email as well. You will then print them on an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper (I recommend 28lb or 32lb), cut to size, punch with your Happy Planner punch, decorate and insert into your planner. 

The Bucket Lists come with 2 - 1 with 2021 and one without a year (except for Spring, as it only comes without the year since I created it after Spring had passed). 

Baseball Tournament Printable comes with and without the baseball graphics. 

  Summer Bucket List printable comes with "2021" and also without a year

This is my Summer Bucket List using my printable. 

                       Winter Bucket List printable comes with "2021" and also without a year

                           Fall Bucket List printable comes with "2021" and also without a year

                                  Spring Bucket List printable only comes without the year

Mortgage Tracker Printable is a great way to keep track of your mortgage payments and keep it in your budget planner.  It comes with the main sheet (pictured) and an additional full sheet of just the bottom half of this page. 
A Day In Review printable is great if you are a memory planner and want to keep track of what you do each day so that it's easier to fill out your memory planner. 

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