Saturday, November 6, 2021

Fall Sticker Sheet Release

Again I am way late in posting my new releases, but these are a few of the Fall stickers available in my shop, Indiana Inker Plans. I can't say I have a favorite season, but I do love the changing of the leaves, fall colors and beautiful sets of Fall.  I don't care for the wind, rain and gloominess leading into winter.  I don't like winter at all.  The snow on the trees are pretty, but with living in Indiana my entire life, I've seen more than enough of that.  With Spring comes a little warmer temperatures, but also wind and rain.  Summer in Indiana is getting to be a lot more humid where it isn't enjoyable to be out much.  Maybe I need to live in a different state, but I'm sure they all have their downsides each season. 

fall leaves stickers

corn maze stickers

apple orchard stickers

pumpkin Patch stickers

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