Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Girl Flannel Blanket and Taggie

Quick and Easy Project

This blanket is flannel on both sides.  It's 36" square. Lay it out wrong sides together, pin together.  Round the corners (I used an 8" paper plate...see this post for instructions).  Stitch 1 1/4" from edge.  Snip outer edge about 1/2" apart all the way around.  I also used floss and "tied" the blanket together.  

This is an 8" square.  It's fleece on both sides.  The ribbon pieces are 6" each.  Cut fleece squares, lay wrong sides together.  Pin the ribbons between the pieces of fleece.  Stitch around outer edge.  Sew (very securely) a ribbon bow in the center. 


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