Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Happy Planner - Miss Maker

MAMBI released their new Happy Girl line at the end of September. This year, they have Super Mom, Faith Warrior, Healthy Hero, Socialite and Miss Maker. They have planners, sticker books and accessories for each line. They also released general planners, sticker books and accessories as well. Out of the Happy Girl line, Miss Maker was my favorite!! She is all about crafting!!  It's only available on the MAMBI website and select Joann stores. I ordered some from the MAMBI website and picked up some at a JoAnns about an hour away. I now have everything from Miss Maker that I want. 😊 I did get a mini note from the Socialite line. I will probably pick up another one of those. The other 4 Happy Girl lines are available on the MAMBI website, JoAnn's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby. These planners don't start until January 2019. They have an undated expansion pack for Super Mom, I'm not sure about the other lines, but haven't seen one for Miss Maker. I have a Classic and a Mini. I'll be using my classic to leave open on the bar with dinners, appointments, to do's and reminders. My mini I will use to keep track of my craft projects. I'm anxious to start using them. I LOVE the sticker books!!

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