Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Weekly Spread - Classic - July 15-21, 2019

This week I had started to do a flamingo spread and realized I didn’t have enough flamingos, so it turned into a beach theme. Although I wasn’t at the beach, it was in the high 90’s here with heat indexes over 100.

I used MAMBI stickers for the layout and sticker shop stickers inside the journaling cards. I’ll have a list below of the sticker shop stickers. Most of their links can be found below in My Favorite Etsy Shops link. I used a couple of the MAMBI journaling stickers, but most are ones that I made and put box stickers on the front.

The Crafty Student - Blog Post, Film, Upload Video, Out to Eat
Imagine That By Lori - rounded corner square colorful boxes, BBQ
Brianna Nicole Designz - Rectangle colorful box, mailbox
Plan to Plan Sticker Co - Walk
Coffee Break Planner - mini scallop
 Planning with Ms Daisy - sandwich
Cheerful Planner Girl - checklist

Nicole's Plans - Trash Day
Planning with Ms Daisy - Sandwich, laundry basket
Coffee Break Planner - mini scallops
Brianna Nicole Designz - Colorful box rectangle
Plan to Plan Sticker Co - Car wash, gas pump, shopping, payday
Cheerful Planner Girl - Lawnmower
Imagine That By Lori - small rounded corner colorful box
Lexington Flair - Pay Bills
Sweet South Sticker Co - Koala with Pizza

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