Monday, April 13, 2020

Happy Planner 2020 Bucket List Single Sheet

I created my Happy Planner 2020 Bucket List in January. I didn't take a before the pen picture, so excuse my lack of penmanship.

We have our flights booked to visit my family in Florida in October. We had originally planned on going this month, but due to flight expenses, we decided to wait.  Had we booked them, we would have had to cancel or delay anyway due to the virus outbreak. 

We have Senior Day at the Cincinnati Red's on our calendar. I turned 55 late last year and now qualify as a senior. 😊 I don't feel 55 at all, so I rarely remember to check for senior discounts. 

Have you been by or inside the former Longenberger Basket Building? I have wanted to drive by since they built it. We weren't too far from it one day last year, but it would have been dark by the time we'd have gotten there. It has been purchased and scheduled to open as a hotel next year, last I heard. 

The Indiana State Fair hosts a Hot Air Balloon show each year, weather permitting. I love hot air balloons, but have never been. 

My guy went to Cincinnati Red's Fest last year and loved it, so we both plan on attending this year. It's in December, so it will depend on the weather. It's all inside, but we don't want to deal with any nasty weather. 

The Indianapolis Zoo hosts Christmas at the Zoo every year. From pictures I've seen, it looks really fun.

Creating single sheets is one of my favorite things to do.  I have a separate "planner" that I keep them in.  Click here to see all of the posts of the single sheets I've made.  

What is on your bucket list for this year? 

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