Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My Favorite Etsy Sticker Shops

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I just started planning in April, thanks to my youngest daughter. 😊📓  I love the MAMBI stickers, but also like the uniqueness and personal touch of some of the Etsy shops. These are my favorites (so far).  My daughter and I ordered together a lot to save on shipping.  I usually won't order unless I have 10 sheets and they are having a sale.  Follow me on Instagram and let me know your favorite Esty shops.  I will update this post as I find new favorite shops.

**** These shops are personal favorites from doing business with them.  I receive no commissions or additional discounts from them. 

When contacting Briana, she is quick to reply and very friendly.  She ships fairly quick as well.  I've only ordered from her during a sale, so I'm sure that increases shipping time.  I love her 50% off sales!!  She Shopify store has reduced prices from her Etsy shop. 

Plan to Plan is the first shop I ordered from.  She is very quick to ship.  We usually have our stickers with a week!!!  And, her shop is usually 40% off!!

She has great prices, but is slow in shipping. 

I love her mini stickers.  I use them for bullet points.  

Lexington Flair is a new favorite.  I discovered her around the first of September (2018).

Imagine That By Lori is now added to the list of my favorite shops.  I placed my first order in November (2018) and my 2nd in December.  She has quality stickers with very fast shipping.

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