Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My Favorite Etsy Sticker Shops

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I just started planning in April, thanks to my youngest daughter. 😊📓  I love the MAMBI stickers, but also like the uniqueness and personal touch of some of the Etsy shops. These are my favorites (so far).  My daughter and I ordered together a lot to save on shipping.  I usually won't order unless I have 10 sheets and they are having a sale.  Follow me on Instagram and let me know your favorite Esty shops.  I will update this post as I find new favorite shops. 

When contacting Briana, she is quick to reply and very friendly.  She ships fairly quick as well.  I've only ordered from her during a sale, so I'm sure that increases shipping time.  I love her 50% off sales!! 

Plan to Plan is the first shop I ordered from.  She is very quick to ship.  We usually have our stickers with a week!!!  And, her shop is usually 40% off!!

She has great prices, but is slow in shipping. 

I love her mini stickers.  I use them for bullet points.  

Lexington Flair is a new favorite.  I discovered her around the first of September (2018).

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